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Pin-Pin Media is a creative brand management agency based in Cape Town. We offer corporate brand management services, social media, digital and field marketing services. We help companies to position their brand, increase their brand awareness, define their target market, manage their brand reputation and guide them on how to communicate value to their customers.


Social media marketing is the act of using social media platforms to promote your brand or product, build your audience, generate leads, and increase website or store traffic.


Together with content marketing, social media marketing is an essential part of a marketing methodology called Inbound Marketing. At the heart of this idea is that the creation of valuable, interesting content for your audience draws customers toward your brand.

While it’s easy to assume that social media marketing consists of only creating content for the platforms to reach your audience, it’s much more than that.


Inbound Marketing is a marketing methodology that involves creating engaging and relevant content pieces and experiences to attract customers to your brand. It includes building a professional website filled with great content, publishing compelling posts on your blog and social media channels, and boosting your website’s rank on Google - a practice known as SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).


The philosophy behind Inbound Marketing is that the more value you’re able to offer users in terms of useful website content, engaging social media content, educational resources, and other helpful tools, the more they’ll gravitate towards your brand. Done well, this method will not only help you attract one-time buyers, but also build and retain a loyal customer base.




We meet to learn more about your business and to better understand how social media and other digital platforms are being leveraged within your organisation. We will perform full online and offline market research and brand audit. Thereafter, we will compile all the information into a report and provide a detailed proposal for the services we recommend.

This will help you to prioritise services you should sign-up for and that are within your budget. We take a journey with you to make sure your brand reaches its full potential.

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